After the drama of a trial, you need experienced counsel to do the detailed and difficult work of an appeal. We pride ourselves on persuasive writing that gets right to the point of the matter. We curate excellent research resources and capabilities and work to capitalize on our skill and experience not only to succeed in the courtroom but save you time and money.

We have represented clients in the New York Appellate Division and the Colorado Court of Appeals on matters ranging from civil rights to industrial claims appeals.

We are skilled at multiple stages of appeal, including: notices of appeal and petitions for interlocutory review, motions to stay, merits briefs (Opening, Response and Reply), oral argument, preparing and responding to petitions for a writ of certiorari, conducting other certiorari proceedings.

We are also available to represent Amicus parties such as issue groups, NGOs, and public interest groups. Mr. Savidge began his law career as a staff attorney with Prisoners’ Legal Services of New York.